• Cheyenne Gregorio

Stinky feet & Muddy Paws

Updated: Mar 10

I’m not sure about you but I am sick and tired of this mud. It’s time to stand together mommas and put our foot down to Mother Nature! No more rain! No more snow! No more cold!

Hahaha. If only this would work. Let's be real here ladies, and gentlemen, this weather has me losing what little sanity my children let me keep hold of. As a busy mom of 3 littles under three AND 4 dogs on top of that, I am sick and tired of this mud! It’s never-ending!

Luckily, I recently divided half of my house with baby gates so that, in theory, there aren’t muddy prints where the girls are playing. It works mostly, aside from when I let the dogs into the kid's side to eat the crumbs, spilled food and cereal up off the floor; because let’s be honest, the less we have to vacuum. The better!

If you don’t already have these gates you really should! They are a true LIFE saver! We use them when we go camping for the youngest of our littles, in the summer when I’m at work at the park I use these to corral them all and when we have puppies we use these in our whelping room!

Now when I went to put these up in our house I got on amazon to look for wall mounts. Let me start by saying I’m cheap. I’ll admit it up one side and down another. I HATE spending money if I can do it another way cheaper. So, me being the crafty and also lazy mom that I am, I looked around the house for something I could use to attach these to the wall.

This is when I found these in the “Junk Drawer”.

Yes! Baby locks! They just stick to the wall, no nails, power tools ( which my husband prefers me not to use because, well that’s a different story in its self ), or hammers!

They have been up about a month now and haven’t moved an inch! The adhesive on these is stronger than nails! My kids have leaned on these, pushed, pulled, kicked, and they are still there! The best part is when I want to take them down they just unlatch...

Now I know they make gates especially for this purpose but, as I said before, I am cheap. If I can improvise something and save money I will. Plus if there is another momma out there that may be in the same situation I was then maybe they can take from this what they need.


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