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My Tool To Home Success

Okay, Mommas, I'm here to talk about the O word. We all know it and try to achieve it often. Organized. I will in no way try to pass myself off as one of those moms that have their life together because I don't. My house is cluttered with toys, I have one too many junk drawers, and the shelves in my living room, that are actually for decorations, are a catch-all for items I can't fit into my already full hands.

But, when I discovered I was to be blessed with yet another little girl I knew I had to have some kind of organization within my household or I would soon become raving mad with three little ones under one roof. Not to mention we have four dogs and once a year we have a litter of puppies.

So one evening I sat down and really thought about how I was going to accomplish this. I didn't want to be the kind of mom that had thousands of rules, although I wish I could be sometimes, but I needed something. This is when I decided I needed a good daily routine, or schedule, so as to keep things decently tidy and keep the total chaos at bay.

How I Started

Think Realistically

I really struggled with this in the beginning.

I started out by sitting down and making a list of everything I wanted to, needed to, and things I already did threw out the day. Let me tell you the list was huge. That job would have even been too big for the Paw Patrol themselves!

I then started thinking, what if the kids slept in one day? What if I had to run errands? Should I include a grocery time every day in my schedule? How is this ever going to work! Yes. I was overthinking. I had to come to terms with that schedule would be like a rough draft of my days, which would be subject to change. If it changed some days so be it. But I would always have a set schedule to refer to and fall back on. This would be more like my tool.


After coming to terms with the fact I wouldn't be able to superman this and get everything done in one day I then jotted down everything I already did and the things I absolutely needed to do daily. For example; laundry, dishes, sweep, make beds, and meals. I then wrote out what time I would usually get up, or needed to get up in all honesty, and considered the amount of time it would usually take me to do each task.

After making this list I made the kids list. Activities they do on the daily and their daily needs. For example; playtimes, craft times, tv times, bath times, and bedtimes. Once again I considered the amount of time they normally do these things, and once again, to be honest, I considered how long they should be doing these things.

Writing down what I already did and the amount of time it usually took me to do each thing, along with what the kids were doing really made me see the flaws in my already daily life. The kids, for instance, watched way too much tv and they didn't do enough interactive craft or learning games. How did I not notice I was turning my kids into tv/Youtube zombies!

Give Yourself Some Time

After writing everything down I needed to add times to it. I started from the top and added times to my tasks. I started with way to much detail. I was adding a time to every task! Once again, not realistic. Some days, as every parent knows, things take longer.

I then began grouping my tasks together then adding the time. For example;

8:00 a.m.: Wake up, make the bed, get dressed.

8:30 a.m.: Get kids up, empty dishwasher, start a load of laundry, make breakfast.

By grouping my tasks under one time I was able to give myself some wiggle room. This doesn't mean I hurry to get each task done within a deadline time, but it does help me to stay on task knowing its almost time for the next task of the day. Some days it just doesn't happen at all, and that's okay. Like I said before. It's just a rough draft of the day, a tool, to help me threw my day.

Me Time

I knew when I started the schedule Journey I wanted to really create time for myself. I saved this for the very last. By saving this for last I was able to look at all of my other daily tasks, and the kids, and see where I could squeeze in a bit of me-time. For me, this comes after lunch, during quiet time. In my house, if you even mention N-A-P its WWIII. So we call it quiet time. I spend my time working on my blog or, if I'm lucky, a quick nap.

Your End Result

After making my realistic task list, the kids' list, adding times, and a bit of me-time I was left with an amazing daily schedule that I could work with!

Since bringing our newest addition into our home and really exercising our daily schedule, I really don't know how I survived without it! Our home is more organized and tidier than it ever has been!

You can always head over to my Etsy page where I will soon have awesome printables on organizing your home by building a home schedule or simply subscribe to my website where you will acquire the entire workbook and more for free in our monthly emails! Happy Organizing!


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