• Cheyenne Gregorio

Mommy Me Time

Okay, we have all heard about “mom shaming” and I know I mentioned it in my last post, but I want to dive a bit more into a specific area of the subject.

I recently spoke with a mom who was telling me she desperately wanted to get a part-time job, find a hobby, or simply just take a day to herself every now and then just to give her a bit of time away from her children, yet she was being made to feel guilty for wanting that time.

I am a stay at home mother who also works on the weekend for our local saddle club. I use this as my escape from the craziness of stay at home mom life, so I completely understood where she was coming from.

With this being said, every mother needs some type of outlet to keep what little sanity you haven't already lost between early morning rising (because what small child actually sleeps in), breakfast, lunch, dinner, let's not forget the snacks between meals, tantrums, fights, spills, and the time you wait for all day, bedtime. You take all of this and add in housework and it can be overwhelming at times. THIS is why you, as a mom, deserve time for yourself.

Never make anyone make you feel guilty or selfish for wanting a little time for yourself because you need it and deserve it!

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