• Cheyenne Gregorio

Get Ready, Get Set... Wait.

It's finally time; the nursery is set up, tiny clothes are washed and socks mated, everything on your to-do list is done (including the things you cleaned with a toothbrush during your nesting frenzy), and bags are packed! You've reached the point in your pregnancy where your little squirrel could arrive any day now. Yet here you are with no contractions, no sleep (because who can sleep when you're this pregnant), and with empty arms.

To me, this was the worst part of pregnancy. Waiting for my little bundle of joy to make her grand arrival was agonizing! I just wanted my baby to be in my arms; instead, she was very comfortable with one foot in my lungs and the other in my ribs.

Every little thing I prayed to be a sign of labor, and let me tell you some were VERY far fetched! I mean my pregnant mind was delirious at this point in my pregnancy. I remember thinking I may be going into labor soon because the dog was laying next to me more. Seriously, I looked for any hue of light at the end of the tunnel!

I was SO impatient waiting to become a mommy I even looked into naturally inducing myself. I read for hours and made a list. I'm pretty sure I did just about everything. Nipple stimulation, walking, exercise ball, sex (which made my husband happy), primrose oil, and castor oil (please never do this. I was young and desperate. This ended up being one of the most miserable nights of my life and still no baby).

While trying to induce myself, I was always thinking about the contraction. Were they really as bad as they say? What did it feel like? Was the epidural going to work? Was I going to be able to handle it? Would I need a c-section? Thousands of questions would be flooding my mind.

One of the only things that put my anxious mind to rest is cleaning. Now I’m sure this was my nesting in full swing, but in my mind, it was a win-win. Cleaning my bathroom floor and my trim with a toothbrush was causing me to be on my hands and knees and let me tell you that was quite the workout at 9 months pregnant so this could have helped throw me into labor! Also, my bathroom and all my trim would be spic’n’span when the baby came home!

With that being said, I wanted, I NEEDED, everything CLEAN when my new baby came home! I mean the house, the car, the garage, the barn; it all needed to be spotless and organized. It was like my baby just couldn't come home to a messy/dirty ANYTHING. I would lay in bed at night and obsess about the things I needed to clean. To the point, I would get out of bed to do one thing and before I knew it my husband would be getting up for work.

Heavily pregnant, impatient, and exhausted from cleaning everything from top to bottom I welcomed every day and was sure this was the day I would go into labor; today would be the day my water would break and the long-awaited horrible contractions would start. Yet they never did. I was induced with all three of my beautiful girls. All were born healthy and happy. Even though mommy was more than ready to meet them, mommy's belly was just too comfy for them to leave without a little nudge. I now have three beautiful little girls ages four, two, and six months old but I will never forget the pure excitement of waiting for their arrival.

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