• Cheyenne Gregorio

Banshee Babies

Updated: Mar 10

Oh, how I love my girls. Truly I love them more than anything in this world. They amaze me every single day with how much they learn and grow. But the number one thing that just amazes me about my children is how they can turn a small task into an impossible one.

Tonight for example.

So at the end of the day I go threw the house while the girls are in the bathtub ( and for the Karen’s out there reading this, NO I do not go off and leave my kids in the bathtub unattended for a long period, I am constantly checking on them ) and clean up the evenings toys, put the mornings dishes away only to replace them in the dishwasher with the evenings dishes, and put dinner away. Well for some reason I started this after the girls got out of the bath tub.

Why? Why do I do these things to myself?

I begin to pick toys up and put them in their homes. As I approached the end of the nightly workload I return to the playroom only to find it newly destroyed! So I sigh, absolutely saying every word we tell our kids are “bad words” in my head, and begin re-picking the devil's toys up.

When I’m done I break the sweeper out. As I am sweeping the floor my two children are screeching like wild banshees and running from the sweeper like I’m gonna suck their butts up like dust bunnies. At this point, I’ve given up on quickly getting them off to bed and begin chasing them. I mean why not? It’s already taken me 3 hours to do what could have taken 1 hour, I may as well tire them out right before bed. Wrong. I was so winded by the end of it I felt like I just ran a 5k run with 50 lb weights on my ankles. And what was I left with you may ask? Two toddlers running around for absolutely no reason screeching.

So to my neighbors that may be out sitting on their porch. I promise you I do not have a pack of wild banshees running in my house. It is just simply two toddler girls and a vacuum.


Tired Mom of Three

Miss McKenna and Emma right before bed. Please excuse the orphan looks they are sporting. This was not a bath night.


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