• Cheyenne Gregorio

A Letter To My Child(ren)

The moment you entered my world everything stopped. In that instance I knew everything would change within me, and that you would now become my entire heart.

You are a piece of me and you are a pice of him; a person I have a love for so deep, I thought there was no greater love, until you.

Your innocents is so pure and your heart is filled with nothing but happiness and love. There is no hatred nor regret but only love within your tiny soul.

You forgive without thought because to you it is not forgiveness, for in your mind there is nothing to forgive.

To watch you dance and play every day is a true gift. You are free of the bad in the world in these youthful moments, but will soon see everything this world will have to offer. This I am not ready for.

I do not want you to ever lose your innocents, my child. Keep that love in your heart close, and the fire in your eyes burning. With that, you will be able to accomplish whatever you set out to achieve.

You are my baby. All the late-night feedings, morning cuddles, and evening laughs are memories that I will forever hold dear, even after you are grown and gone. No matter your age you will forever be my baby.


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