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5 Activities Your Kids Will Love

There is nothing better than sitting down at the computer to write a new post only to be interrupted by screeching from my middle child because my oldest has done something to her. I run into this with every task it seems like and what I've found out threw many half-finished tasks is that I first have to occupy my littles with something to do. I'm sure most moms deal with this as I do so I have compiled a small list of activities I give my girls to do when I'm going to be working on something. This list is things that can be done in the winter months or on rainy days. So let's dive right in.

Bathtub Noodle Cook

  • Now my girls are four and two so, for the most part, they absolutely love playing in the bathtub, and their new obsession is pretending to cook in the bathtub.

  • I first start by boiling a small mess of spaghetti noodles.

  • While noodles are boiling I set out four bowls of warm water and add food coloring too them.

  • Once noodles are about half cooked I then strain them. My reason for only cooking the noodles halfway is that they don't break apart as easily in the bathtub. If you fully cook them or overcook them they turn mushy in the bathtub. Do not rinse noodles yet! Strain only!

  • Once strained, add noodles to your bowls of food coloring and allow them to sit for about 10 minutes.

  • After noodles have set in the food coloring, rinse each color separately in cold water.

  • Once you have rinsed each individual color, combine them in your strainer and rinse once more, mixing the colors together. There we are, colorful and fun noodles, done!

  • When the noodles are done I start the bathtub. Now I only fill the bathtub about a quarter of the way full because I will be popping in and out checking on them while I work on whatever task I've chosen at that point.

  • Next, everyone in. Then comes the little cooking set. Now I bought this little set off of amazon for the girls for Christmas, but you could even use some old pots or bowls from the kitchen.

  • Now its noodle time! I make sure to split the noodles between them because let me tell you my oldest is a noodle hoarder. They pretend to cook and serve them to each other or they pretend they are snakes in the water. It's so cute!

  • The best part is they are super easy to clean up and just throw away and they can be a little snack if they want! We love making the colored noodles in the summer and playing in the water table with them too!

  • Also, just a warning, the colors will bleed in the bathtub water so don't be alarmed when the water turns blue; it won't stain your tub or child.


  • This may be a hard no for some parents but my girls love Playdoh! Before we get anything out we first make sure to pick all toys up and I vacuum the floors in the playroom so that when the Playdoh meets the floor it doesn't end up with anything smashed in it forcing me to throw it away.

  • Now I'm probably a little too lenient when it comes to mixing colors. Playdoh is so stinkin' cheap at Dollar General I let the girls mix colors as much as their little hearts desired as long as they only open two at a time.

  • We do have the little playsets to make ice cream, hamburgers, and cookies but the girls seem to enjoy playing with the little animal sets from Dollar Tree along with their Playdoh.

  • Aside from only opening two colors at a time, my only other rule is that all Playdoh stays at their table. This means no carrying it to their rooms or bathroom. We all know toddlers are infatuated with the toilet and can you imagine toilet water soaked Playdoh. Yuck!

  • I know that it makes a mess and really little ones seem to eat it more than they play with it, but they have so much fun with it and they really learn to use their imaginations with it. Plus, it's better than slime!

Shower Curtain Coloring/Drawing

  • I have a slight addiction to crafts so I have a ton of different markers, crayons, paints, and stamps. Thankfully my girls enjoy crafts as much as I do! This activity doesn't keep them busy as long as I wish it did but they do enjoy it for a little bit.

  • For this all you need is a cheap shower curtain liner ($1.00 at Dollar General), tape (I use masking tape or painters tape), some dry erase markers, and stencils (completely optional).

  • First, take the shower curtain out, unfold it and lay it out on a table or the floor. I have hardwood floors so I usually lay it out on the floor.

  • Take your tape and tape the edges down so that the curtain won't slip and slide everywhere.

  • Next, get your dry erase markers and stencils out! I use the dry erase so that when, not if because it is inevitable, they run off the edge of the curtain when they are crazy toddler coloring it will wipe right off the floor/table.

  • When they are done you can either toss the shower curtain or you can fold it up and save it to use another day.

Water Painting

  • This one is pretty simple but it can get messy quick so you may want to put towels or a tarp down under the table. All that's needed here is construction paper, water, and paintbrushes!

  • You can pick up a small pack of craft brushes at Dollar General for a $1.00 and it has a few different sizes of brushes.

  • This is fun and if something gets spilled, its just water!

Doggy Snack Time

  • I remember being my kids' age and loving to pretend to be a dog so naturally, I'll help their imagination go wild when it comes to this activity!

  • This is a newer activity that they just started recently. My oldest started wanting to eat her snacks in a toy dog bowl so of course, little sister wanted to do the same. I grabbed my keys and headed to, as I'm sure you have gathered, my favorite store Dollar General and grabbed a few $2.00 dog bowls.

  • This is almost the best parenting hack I've ever come up with! They will eat anything while playing doggy.

  • So if your kids love pretending to be dogs have fun with it! put some healthy snacks in the bowl and make healthy foods fun. It works for my girls!

There you have it! 5 fun activities your kids will love and so will you because they will keep them out of your hair so that you may be able to get your to-do lists done. Hah. A mother's list is never done but we can dream. If you liked my post and tried any of these things, even if you already do some of these things, share away and leave me a comment! I would love to see everyone else's littles exploring their imaginations!

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