• Cheyenne Gregorio

#1 Tip For Three Kids Under Four

For some reason, motherhood came naturally for me. Even after I had my second and now third baby. It was like mommin was just what I was meant to do. Don't get me wrong, I have my struggle bus days. Days I want to rip every last strand of hair out of my head and hide in a closet.

When I found out I was to be adding a third little bundle of joy to our family I was petrified. Yes, being a mommy to two little girls under two was a rocky road but so natural and easy at the same time. Would a third baby completely change everything? Would I become a completely overwhelmed mess of a mother? Could I love a third baby?

I probably read every blog post out there about surviving three under four. Some were so encouraging I was relieved. Others weren't so calming. I was filled with so many different emotions.

Yet, here I am three months after giving birth to our third little princess, and let me tell you how ridiculous and comical my panic over having a third little one was. I was trying to completely organize my home from top to bottom because a post told me I wouldn't survive without being completely organized.

I even made a complete schedule for my household. Which, in theory, was a good idea that does work for many, and did for us as well, until I came to terms with the fact my family is just not that type of family. While it did help keep the house spic and span, it just wasn't for me. If you want to read about my temporary home schedule, that actually did work, but just wasn't for us you can check it our here.

I definitely went overboard preparing for my third little one. After going threw these last few months I have just one piece of advice for anyone preparing for their newest little addition.

Don't Stress.

Don't get mad over spilled milk because its only spilled milk. It can be cleaned up.

All three kids crying at once? Just laugh to yourself, try to neutralize the situation, and if you cant, move on. Don't stress yourself out because of a combined meltdown. One day you will miss this.

No matter the reason, stressing fixes nothing. The odds are you are stressing about something right now that can not be fixed till later. The only thing stressing does is cause frustration, sleepless nights, and heartache.

Just constantly remembering this simple tip has made myself, my children, and my entire household so much more relaxed and happy.


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